Emma by Jane Austen : Book Review

Emma is a classic written by Jane Austen in the 19th century. The book revolves around the life of Emma Woodhouse, and showcases the practices relevant during the early 19th century.


The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru : Book Review

Read a firsthand account of the working style of former India PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, his personality and nuances inside the PMO and government, from none other than his media adviser Sanjaya Baru. Don't forget to like, share, follow, and do let me know what you thought of the review!

the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom: Book Review

Have you ever felt confused or dissatisfied with the direction your life is taking or has taken? Meet Eddie, protagonist in 'the five people you meet in Heaven', who goes through all this and much more, and how it all makes sense in the end.

Frog under a Coconut Shell by Josephine Chia : Book Review

Frog Under A Coconut Shell- The frog believes that the coconut shell under which he lives is his entire world. In the same way, a person who is limited in his thinking believes that what he knows is all the knowledge there is, so he is like the frog under the coconut shell.

Daughters of Arabia by Jean Sasson : Book Review

Saudi Arabia, the land of unimaginable oil wealth, but also the land of women's rights oppression. Dive into Daughters of Arabia to read a firsthand account of the difficulties being faced by women and the resistance being put up by them to overcome these hurdles.

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