Pigs have Wings

The book revolves around the legendary Empress(a pig), who is now aiming to win the 'fattest pig' prize for a third time. But sadly, this time The Queen Of Matchingham threatens to outdo her in size. This book has everything-a fogheaded earl and his razor sharp brother, an unsuccessful author who can never get down to writing his 'masterpiece', a London barmaid who has 4 names, and a squire who wants his pig-man to stop drinking-you name it.

Full Moon

Full Moon is one of the many books by Wodehouse set in Blandings Castle. Clarence, the ninth Earl of Emsworth and the owner of the castle, is a prominent character of each of these books and is fixated with “The Empress,” ‘an ancestral pig of massive proportions.’ She is twice in successive years the winner of the ‘Fat Pigs Class’ in the Shropshire Agricultural Show. Wodehouse’s typical style is to introduce a number of characters into Blandings Castle and creating a tangle of affairs.

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