Book Review: Catching the Last Tram by Susan Holt #bookreview #fantasy #booktour

Get ready for a thrilling tram ride!

Bookxpert Rating: 4.5/5
Genre: Fantasy

Catching the Last Tram by Susan Holt

Unfortunately this great book isn’t available on Amazon(it showed me results for ‘Catching the last RAM’

I received a free copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only! This is a fair and honest review, that I am publishing of my own accord, to help build word-of-mouth publicity. Please read, support, and do let me know what you think of the review and the book.


Beth catches a tram to work every morning. In the 21st century. Wait, is that even possible?
A tram in the 21st century?
All her co-passengers complain because the tram is so much slower than the regular bus, but Beth loves the tram! It is homely, has amazing people like Issac, who she suspects she's falling in love with.
Until one day suddenly, instead of the tram, the regular bus comes to drop her to work. So Beth waits for the tram the next day, and the day after that and after. But the tram never comes, and Beth misses it. Most of all she misses Issac. Her Issac with his blue eyes and gentle manners.
Oh, how she misses him!

That’s when she realises that she only ever met Issac on the tram. Though he had almost declared his love for her, something had caused him to freeze just before he did.
All her friends on the tram stay at the end of the line, and she can’t visit them. In fact, when she tries to go to the end of the line, she is rudely ordered to get off at the penultimate stop, by none other than Issac. Why?

Did Beth ever find her tram and Issac back? What exactly is going on here?

“I don’t know. I’m sure…” Beth stopped and re-started. “I think I…” But she was lost. She was attempting to be positive, but finding it difficult to keep fighting the growing evidence pointig to the negative.
“I’m confused, actually,” she admitted. Beth could feel her face sagging. She’d been so hopeful. She’d been so sure Isaac was interested in her. She’d been wrong. How had she been so mistaken about the signals?

This book was so, SO intriguing. It’s thankfully a short read(150 pages flat), because from the time I picked it up, I didn’t put it down at all, so it got over fast.
Just the fact that the title contains the word TRAM drew me in. And the first two pages transported me to a Harry Potteresque world. So if you’re into Harry Potter, you will love this one.

A Tram

I absolutely loved this book.It is extremely fluid, the characters are very natural, and the plot is superb. If that doesn’t compel you to read it I don’t know what will… Seriously!
Here we have a story where it’s the woman’s job to be a man’s Knight in shining armour! Whether she takes it up or not is in the book.

The way Holt has taken time to shape up her characters, to build anticipation in the reader, is good. Susan's description of Isaac and the chemistry between them continually made me want to go to google Issac Lyttleton and see for myself what he looked like!
Perhaps she could have included a sketch to quell our curiosity. Just kidding.

The writing style of the book was perfect- with just the right amount of dialog peppered with romance.The best part is that Beth could be any one of us- seriously!

He was even more attractive when he smiled and her stomach did a little flip-flop.
Yikes, girl, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Beth works as a librarian, saves up to buy a new coat, has a roommate who is super-caring. She feels so realistic. One thing I found odd about her character is that she seems to be over-friendly. But that might just be my introvertism talking, not a big issue.

Susan has done a wonderful job of keeping the surprise under wraps while keeping the reader engaged. I could not read fast enough to know if Beth managed to save Issac or not- I was so eager to know.

Would love to read more of this author’s work too. This one set the bar up pretty high for Susan.

About the Author:

Susan Holt is a bubbly and passionate actress and author living in Porirua, New Zealand. After studying linguistics, she followed her dream, moved to Sydney and completed a two-year acting course. During that sojourn, she discovered a talent for writing. Susan is currently running both an acting group and a writing group for her own nefarious purposes while trying to get some actual writing done. Visit her site here.

What’s good:

  1. The plot is lovely. Execution is perfect too.
  2. The relationship between Beth and Issac.

What’s could have been:

  1. Couldn’t think of anything. 😛

Other Stuff :

The Title:- Referring to Beth’s tram rides to work and back, and the last time she travelled on it. Sorry, can’t elaborate more without giving away the plot.

Best Line :-

The door shut and the tram moved away, leaving Beth with a feeling of dread.
What the heck just happened?

Genre :- Fantasy
Final Thoughts :- If you’re into fantasy, you will love this. Plus it is an incredibly short read too.
Up Next :- ‘I, Jacqueline’ by Hilda Lewis.

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  1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. It was fun writing it, too. In fact, it was a dream I had – ages ago. I have been asked, by way more than one person, if I will continue the story or give backstory. Still pondering that. And Yes, it is available on Amazon – should get you there *fingers crossed* Next book nearly ready for publication. 🙂

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