KEEP TRYING. KEEP LEARNING. #motivational #learn

A thought struck me today, about the essay and story topics we used to get in school when we were really young, say in the 3rd-4th grade…

  1. If you became Prime Minister for a day
  2. If you had XYZ (huge amount) of money, what you would do with it
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up

Do you’ll remember that too? Write down the topics in the comments section if you do ! Weren’t those the good old days!

If I became Prime Minister for a day, I would remove all the suferings of my people.
I would buy lots of chocolates with the XYZ money, share and eat with all my friends and we’d be happy forever after. Easy peasy! Oh but I so wouldn’t share them with that nasty kid who stole my pencil the other day.

What must our teachers think of all these innocent essays of ours, where we could not wait to grow up to be an astronaut or an actor. Nobody wanted to be a boring consultant or a harrased looking banker!
How our teachers must have read them, knowing most of us would end up in dreary boring jobs anyway-just for the money.

And as we grew older and older, the world conformed us to its ways. From dreams of wanting to be an astronaut, I noticed how mine downgraded to a doctor, and then eventually an engineer. And where did we even lose all our innocence and the will of wanting to help?

So many people are now reduced to a life of weekends. Waiting for the weekend from Monday through Friday, the dredge of work filling up 5/7ths of their lives!

We want to do so much, we make plans all the time, but never act upon any of those plans. Why?
Because we’re afraid of failure. And though we all read and keep statuses like-‘‘Success is 99 percent failure’, or these below, very few of us actually really DO something about it.

“Oh, they don’t know the amount of money it takes for even that one try. How many years I’d have to spend slaving if I failed! And nothing of the time I’d waste trying, how much money I could earn here in that much time. Nothing of what people would say behind my back.”
This is what you’d say?

What about the feeling of guilt and incompleteness you will feel at 50, knowing you didn’t persue your dream when you could, knowing you had the resources, and yet you continued with the job just to be in your comfort zone, just because it brought in good money? Won’t that feeling kill you?

Not trying is not an option.

Make that your mantra. King Bruce didn’t get motivated by the spider for nothing (if you’re wondering what this is about, go here).
Decide on what you want to do. If you know already, great! Half your work is done.
If you’re like me and don’t know yet, keep looking, keep searching, keep trying new things, get a feel of how things work.
You can’t want to succeed unless you know what it is you want to do. So find what you like doing, find something you’d do for free, and wouldn’t mind to keep doing for free. Make a plan. Take teeny-weeny steps towards your goal. Each of those teeny-weeny steps counts, because isn’t the ocean made up of millions of drops of water?

Don’t stop learning.
Everyday, at the end of the day, I should be better than I was at the start of it.


What’s important is that you never give up, never stop learning. Believe me, all these years you spend to learn stuff now, they will reward you multifold later.
Just as learning never stops, learning also never goes to waste. Keep learning, be it something as small as learning to stitch a button on a shirt, or something lengthy like learning a new coding language-learn.
Don’t just age, GROW.
Learning keeps the mind fulfilled and the soul motivated.

I myself do a Mon-Fri job, and have weekends off.
I know people who say that they need to start working out, they need to sleep less and stop wasting time (guilty of the last one), and then they will go ahead and spend entire weekends watching TV series’ or movies, or eat out.
I also know people who know what they want, and are actually working towards that goal!

So bottomline,

  1. Not trying is not an option.
  2. Everyday, at the end of the day, I should be better than I was at the start of it.

Just remember this, keep acting on this, and you’ll see a huge difference in your attitude, your personality and the way people around you treat you so quick, you won’t want to stop!

Let me know in the comments if you’re doing all this already, or better yet, if this inspires you to try something new!

23 thoughts on “KEEP TRYING. KEEP LEARNING. #motivational #learn

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  1. You mentioned “The world conforming us to it’s ways”…..That’s the key phrase!!! As the kids like to say today; “I’m doing Me”!!! That’s just it; you got to do you, and pay not so much attention to what’s going on in the world!!!


  2. Great post! I like how you pointed out that the feeling of incompleteness is much scarier and sadder than any failure you might experience on your path while pursuing your calling.


  3. Hi Alak!

    Good day!
    Nicely written.
    Would like to see next time if you could add something from your own personal journey that pushed you go out of your comfort zone and how you overcame it and how many times you faied and what was that you learnt and what extra that you did to get to next step and see if you could extract out the ultimate crux.


    Liked by 1 person

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