Are books still relevant today? #reading #books

The answer to that, of course, is a resounding YES!
Personally, I have very few friends who read books for entertainment. The excitement I feel when I meet someone else who reads, the prospect of discussing books we’ve both read is unmatched. I think all readers feel the same way.

  • ‘Tis the age of internet and smartphones, Netflix and TV shows for entertainment, books are passe and frankly, time-consuming.
  • All the information we need is at our fingertips, quite literally!
  • We have such busy lives, jobs, friends, family- who has the time and energy to read after all of this?

These are some of the most common reasons I am given by non-readers.

Also, I just reach a point where it becomes impossible to stare at a screen anymore!
And isn’t it a little disconcerting when we need a break from entertainment that’s supposed to relax us?
I’ll be honest here, at the end of a tiring day, if at 10PM, I am watching a movie or videos on Youtube, or just flicking through social media, I’d stay awake much longer than if I was reading a book. There’s just something so relaxing, so soothing about the presence of a book.

Books have always been a part of my life. When I see posts like ‘Which was the book that made you get into reading’, it wasn’t just one particular book. It’s a habit formed from childhood. A habit that has now become a pleasure.

The best thing I like is that a hundred people can read the same book, and each of them will have imagined it differently. Isn’t that awesome? The emotion conveyed through the words in a book is lost in the movie or TV series of the same book.
In these forms of entertainment, you’re just viewing the imagination of someone else.
The development of the mind, of the aesthetic, takes time- it happens layer by layer, just like the pages of a book turn over. Information is anyways easily available. This development of the overall personality is the edge books have. This is the reason books are more relevant than ever- today!

And how horrific would it be to have no literature, no grammar at all! Books, which have been around for many years, are the sole custodians of these wonderful treasures. It is books that give us complete knowledge on a subject. Media will always leave something out.

Question- What can you do in a place where network and internet access is poor?
Yep, that’s right- read books!

And if someone has the attention span or vocabulary the size of an ant, please forgive them. They probably don’t read books.

All this is apart from the scientifically proven damaging effects social media and mass consumption media have on the human body.

So this is to all the readers reading- let’s take a pledge. Let’s try to bring people back to reading. Let’s try to convert at least one non-reader to a reader, each of us. For a community of 300, that becomes 300 people getting back to reading. And the community is much larger than that. Let us become agents of change.

For all the non-readers who reached here, I hope you’ll are convinced, because I don’t know what else will. You can reach out to any reader friend for recommendations. Believe me, we feel very excited at the prospect of discussing a book with a friend.

So, What will it be?

I’d just like to end here with my favourite quote of all time, the words being said by a book to humankind-

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

A huge thanks to three of my brothers- Aadesh, Abhishek and Prayag who helped me with the topic selection, brainstorming of ideas and post editing.

20 thoughts on “Are books still relevant today? #reading #books

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  1. Great Post! I am with you. let’s try to get more people back to reading! “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking” . The book “This Is Your Quest ” will definitely make you think differently and there is a high chance that it will also make you happy?! I am the author, so I am totally biased! Feel free to check it out –


  2. The quote at the end is absolutely perfect. It contains the essence of the pleasure of reading. I enjoyed reading your post and I think it is an awesome idea to try to influence people to read. I have been up to the task for a long time.


  3. Hey alak,
    Such a motivating piece to get more readers to the community.
    We have never discussed about books in college but I knew u read as u always had a book in your hand and that is the alak I still picturize.

    Keep writing!!
    Keep reading!!

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  4. Personally I have never read books and also i am not a book lover but somewhere down me i feel this is a great mistake i have done and at this point in my life I would love to get associated with reading. No amount of gadgets would give you the same pleasure as reading a book in reality.

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    1. Great post..!!
      Yes movies and series can never replace books but also they have their own purpose.
      Overall very good post please keep writing and thank you because you are one of the reasons that encouraged me to start reading.
      Thank you so much…!!!

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    2. Hi Tauji… The comment left me speechless..🙈
      Thank you so much for commenting, and it is never too late to start reading..!
      Hopefully I will be able to suggest some good ones to you..


  5. Wonderful post! I had stopped avidly reading for years and have come back to my love of it with so much enthusiasm. There is such a strong presence of readers online and so many new books coming out, new genres, easy access through library services and ebooks and book sales, it’s such a great time to fall in love with books again.


  6. What a wonderful post. I think books are absolutely relevant still. I do know a few people who don’t like to read for fun at all, but most of my friends are more into reading than they are watching tv. Now, I will admit my husband did not like to read at all before we met. However, after watching me devour book after book he got curious and now goes through at least 200 books a year even though he likes to listen to them in audio book version, it’s still reading. Lol. Great post and such a wonderful subject.

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    1. True..! I see so many people saying- I try to avoid fiction/read mostly non-fiction with so much pride, like people who read fiction or for fun are somehow lesser than them.
      Audio books are reading too! In fact they’re great for when we’re travelling or doing some other work. I just read a great post a few days back by another blogger on audiobooks that completely changed my perception of them.

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  7. Yesss, books are the best!! I believe that books will last forever because no matter what type of technological advancements come there’s no way to replace the unique feeling of reading a beautiful story. There are some people who just don’t like reading, and that’s fine, but I would never give up reading for anything 😁


    1. Hi Chana, that’s so true…! Books are irreplacable. My forever love. Books are always there for me when no one else is… I just try to get more of my friends into reading more book be it fiction or non-fiction. Just plain reading.


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