Book Review: 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Maurice Barkley @WriteReadsTours @MauriceBarkley #mystery #Sherlock

Sherlock fans- behold a gem!

Genre: Mystery
Bookxpert Rating: 5/5

A huge thank you to the author, Maurice Barkley, and tour organizer Dave from WriteReads, for the review copy, and having me on the tour. I feel super lucky to have read this book and the chance to spread the word of it.



1-Extreme danger. Children’s lives are at risk.
2-Holmes prevents an injustice and triumphs over a greedy family.
3-A train arrives 3 years late. Only Holmes can solve this one.
4-Holmes battles blundering politicians and a master criminal.
5-An elaborate crime with a strange motive.


“I don’t like this business Watson, I don’t like it one bit.”
Holmes spent the entire trip with his chin resting on his vest, eyes closed in silent consultation.
“The fate of nations did not hang on the resolution of this problem.”
“It has always been a source of wonder to me to see Holmes, in the middle of a as such as this, to remove himself completely from the problem at hand.”
“Come, Watson, we haven’t a second to lose- we may already be too late.”

The above lines will definitely make any Sherlock fan happy. They mean only one thing. The return of the great sleuth Sherlock Holmes! This time, though, it is facilitated by Maurice Barkley, and in a very delightful fashion. There are five short stories in the book, and it felt like I was reading stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so similar is Barkley’s writing style.

The first story focuses on the disappearance of some children from Wiggins’ troupe, the troupe that helps Sherlock be the eyes and ears of London.

The second is about a quarelling trio of siblings, who need to find an object hidden on their father’s estate.

The third is about a train which departed on time, but arrived three years late! That too, with it’s entire cargo intact.

The fourth is where the other Holmes makes an appearance. Sherlock’s brother Mycroft needs a problem solved, and who better than his own brother Sherlock to do it!

The fifth is the strangest, where a man is found dead by a carriage of horses, with a great depression in his chest, and no clues to be found anywhere.

Holmes’ reasoning remains simple as ever, and yet always correct! Watson, as ever, his trusted lieutenant, is always by his side. Even the starts of these stories are made in a similar fashion to Arthur Conan Doyle’s starts. Mrs. Hudson is present too, as the endearing landlady. Holmes’ eccentricities are present too- his obsession with chemistry, his love for tobacco. His small observations are abundant- how Lestrade worked the entire night, or Mycroft changed his personal assistant.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these, and 100% recommend them for everyone, especially all Sherlock fans. Sherlock fans will be missing out if they don’t read these. I would love to read more of Maurice Barkley’s work on Sherlock, this one was so delightful.

About the Author:

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Maurice Barkley lives with his wife Marie in a suburb of Rochester, New York. Retired from a career
as a commercial artist and builder of tree houses, he is WRITING and busy reinforcing the stereotype
of a pesky househusband. Favorite relaxation is throwing peanuts to squirrels, blue jays, cardinals
and chipmunks from his porch. Once he built a doll hair-making machine using an old sewing
machine. It worked, but his wife got tired of making Raggedy Ann dolls, so it sits in the garage.

Other Stuff :

The Title:- 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- very straightforward title.
Genre :- Mystery
Final Thoughts :- Just like the old Sherlock, must-read for Sherlock fans!
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