Mayada: Daughter of Iraq by Jean Sasson @JeanSasson #Iraq #SaddamHussein

One Woman's Survival in Saddam Hussein's Torture Jail Genre: MemoirBookxpert Rating: 3.5/5 Buy 'Mayada'(paperback)Buy 'Mayada'(kindle)Goodreads THE REVIEW People arrested, thrown into over-crowded jails and tortured. For no fault of theirs. This is the world that Mayada discovered when she had to spend a few months in one of Iraq's most feared jails- Baladiyat. Mayada-al-Askari belonged... Continue Reading →

Book Review : My Mother’s Secret by J.L.Witterick

"We think of angels as beings dressed in white with wings, but sometimes they also chew tobacco and drink vodka", says to Judy Maltz, descendant of Holocaust survivors. So who was their angel? Read on to find out.

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